Packing Supplies & Services

As the best DC movers, we pride ourselves in offering outstanding packing services. By having this level of high quality packing supplies and services, we promise that your personal items will be protected from damage.


The first step in the packing experience is to determine whether you prefer to pack your personal belongings yourself or to solicit assistance from us. No matter which one you choose, planning ahead is most important. As a trusted moving company in the Washington, DC area, we are ready to offer you full packing services or just the supplies for your packing needs.


Packing Supplies

If you select to pack your personal belongings yourself, you should plan out and organize what to pack and in which order. It may be most helpful to pack room by room, labeling each box as you progress. Some people prefer to purchase a moving or packing kit that would have all of the supplies needed while others opt to buy items individually. Make sure that you use sturdy boxes (say no to bags!) so that valuable items remain secure.


There are many different sizes and shapes for boxes. Depending on what items you are packing, the box should fit the belongings appropriately. A variety of packing accessories will always help in making it a smooth process. Items such as scissors, a box cutter and packing tape are essential. Other materials such as bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts, and foam help to keep your items safe and in place once in the boxes.

We offer a wide variety of packing materials and supplies. Our rates are competitive to retailers because we purchase them directly from the manufacturers. Contact us today for a quote on packing supplies!

Packing Services

Not time or energy to pack yourself? No worries! If you choose to have our trained professionals pack you, you can rest assured knowing that we take the utmost care in protecting your personal items. Our professional packers will wrap your furniture, fragile pieces, and small miscellaneous items with the maximum protection possible.


Because your time is valuable to us, our packers will work swiftly and systematically. In addition, our excellent DC packers will label boxes appropriately to ensure that unloading and unpacking goes quickly and smoothly. For more information on our packing services, please contact us for a quote today!

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