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Moving an office to a new location is difficult. Breaking down cubicles, unhooking computers, and moving, creates downtime and can greatly affect your bottom line. Choosing a reputable, professional moving company should be top priority for your company. The moving industry is flooded with moving companies, which can make it difficult for consumers to find the right office movers. Choosing the wrong moving company can increase costs, downtime, and more. At DC Mover, we are experienced with the unique challenges of office moving. We provide affordable moving rates while helping you stay on top.

Our professional DC movers come ready to carefully transport the most fragile of office equipment. Our expertly trained moving professionals use the industry’s best practices to safely pack your office equipment. Our office movers arrive prepared for whatever equipment you have- whether fragile, large, small, or oddly shaped.

Once all of your items arrive to your new space, our tech-savvy office movers can set up the phone, internet, and computers or work with your IT department to get you back up and running.  Our DC movers are experts when it comes to dealing with the unique office moving needs, from small offices to large multiple cubicle offices. We know that time is money in your competitive marketplace, so rest assured that DC Mover can get up to 2,000 employees re-situated over the course of a few days. No matter how many employees you have to move or what kind of office furniture and equipment you have, DC Movers will get your new office space up and running in less than time than it will take you to decide how to arrange your desk.

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