Small Moves

A small move may seem simpler than it really is. It may seem easy to move your couch, bed, and china cabinet from one home to another. The same thing goes for your small corporate move- it seems simple to move 2 desks, 3 computers, and 2 printers, doesn’t it? Whatever the situation, don’t be fooled by the seemingly simplicity of small moves. In most cases, you will need to rent a truck, disassemble the furniture, protect them properly, transport them safely, and reassemble them at the new place. In addition, you may have some narrow hallways or awkward turns that complicate the move.

Many people think they will save money by moving their small home, office, or business by themselves. However, taking off work, renting a truck, purchasing packing supplies, and hiring helpers, will likely cost more than a full service moving company.

Most importantly, when completing the move on your own, you’re taking on full responsibility for any possible damages. If you hire a licensed, professional moving company like DC Mover, you’ll be insured for any possible damages.
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