Maintaining garage doors tips (By the experts)

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Your garage door does a small but an important action. It is your welcome back appliance and your "have a great day" appliance and you see it every time you leave for work or go back home.

Every owner of a garage door know that there are several common problems that tend to happen exactly when we least expect it (and usually when we really need everything to work smoothly – that’s murphy's law for you).

In this article I want to share some great tip that would help you protect your garage door and prolong its life and save some money. This tips can be applied to most types of garage doors and would cost you next to nothing.


Well… I work as an expert garage door technician at a local garage door company named BBB Garage doors, which is well renowned among its clients for a speedy service and an affordable pricing. I have fixed many thousands of garage doors and let me tell you, many of those repairs could have been avoided using the following maintenance tips.

Three key things to remember

  1. Clean it
  2. Be carful
  3. Lubricate it!

Cleaning (20 minutes)

This can and should be a thing you do with your oldest boy, If not, well.. its not so bad and won't take that long. Cleaning the outer part of you garage door would help you remove any salty residue which tends to damage the outer plating of the wood. This would also help your home look nice – you should do this once every six month. That should be enough…


Stay Safe

I am especially highlight the need to stay safe before talking about lubricating your garage door. This is also a great time to do a visual inspection of all of the cables, springs, joints, rollers and hinges.

Parts marked red or have a tag on them

Parts that are labeled / colored like that are parts that hold a lot of tension on them and should only be adjusted by a trained technician.


Lubricate the hinges

The next and final step in our quarterly maintenance is to lubricate the hinges, springs and Barings with a none silicon based lubricate. DON’T oil the track because this might cause the garage door to slip and loose its adjustment.

lubricate oil spray

That’s all folks.

I hope you found this article to be useful… Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with additional question and I would be more than happy to help.

Best Regards, Natan.

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