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Moving Services DC

Top Moving Services DC Some of the top moving services DC are found within the environs of New York city and Washington. They offer a wide variety of services for the convenience of the client. The moving services provided by moving companies ensure that the client is well taken care of and able to[Read More...]

Moving Company DC

Time Focused – Moving Company DC Whether moving to an apartment around the corner or to a state across the country, moving house does not have to be a hassle. Moving company DC provides great service to residents of Washington as well as other states. Because time is valuable, moving companies are [Read More...]

Moving Companies DC

Characteristics of Moving Companies DC To judge the quality of moving companies DC, there are a few aspects one need to look out for. A good moving company from whichever state in the country has to be timely. They need to show up at the time agreed upon in order to perform the moving as scheduled[Read More...]

Movers DC

Moving House with Movers DC When the time comes for transfer, either from work or personal preference, moving house is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Many people starting thinking of the place to move to. They wonder how the people there will welcome them, how the environment [Read More...]

Professional Movers DC

Moving with Professional Movers DC There are many movers who claim to offer good moving services but one would be best advised to hire services of professional movers DC. Moving can be an overwhelming task especially if one has to keep working or undertaking tasks as the moving is going on. Some cl[Read More...]

Maintaining garage doors tips (By the experts)

  Your garage door does a small but an important action. It is your welcome back appliance and your "have a great day" appliance and you see it every time you leave for work or go back home. Every owner of a garage door know that there are several common problems that tend to happen e[Read More...]

Apartment Moves

At DC Mover we specialize in all types of moves, including apartment moves. Our professional movers have been trained for every type of apartment move whether they include elevators or stairs. For example, our moving crews have mastered the art of positioning your furniture correctly in the freight [Read More...]

House Moves

Packing and moving a house may seem like an easy task. But unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. The entire process of packing and moving your bedrooms, living room, family, room, kitchen, den, dining room, basement, etc can take days if not weeks. There are many problems that can occur when mov[Read More...]

Delicate Moves

You don't want just anyone moving your delicate items. You will need professional movers who are trained in knowing how to protect your valuable, delicate belongings. Here at DC Mover we have years of experience moving delicate items in the Maryland, DC, VA area. From bubble wrap to packing paper, w[Read More...]

Specialty Moves

Standard furniture can be tough to move. Now imagine moving those out of the ordinary pieces like a piano or porcelain statue. Moving bulky, heavy, or very valuable items successfully takes skill along with the proper tools. After extensive training, our DC Movers are qualified to wrap and transport[Read More...]

Large Moves

Implementing a large move can be quite complicated. For a successful move, you need the right amount of trucks, movers, moving tools, supplies, etc. It takes a professional company like DC Mover to make this happen flawlessly. Before moving day, one of our customer service representatives will co[Read More...]

Small Moves

A small move may seem simpler than it really is. It may seem easy to move your couch, bed, and china cabinet from one home to another. The same thing goes for your small corporate move- it seems simple to move 2 desks, 3 computers, and 2 printers, doesn’t it? Whatever the situation, don’t be fooled [Read More...]

Corporate Movers

Moving an office to a new location is difficult. Breaking down cubicles, unhooking computers, and moving, creates downtime and can greatly affect your bottom line. Choosing a reputable, professional moving company should be top priority for your company. The moving industry is flooded with moving co[Read More...]

Commercial Movers

Commercial moving is not a simple thing. There are many challenges that can arise in the process. With a large amount of inventory, tools, desks, papers, or whatever else you may have, things can get pretty crazy. The key to a smooth, successful commercial move is the moving company. Hiring an organ[Read More...]

Residential Movers

Are you looking for residential movers for your upcoming move? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re moving the contents of your apartment, townhouse, or single family home, DC Mover is the company to get the job done. During our many years in the moving industry, we’ve performed all[Read More...]

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